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I’ve been making jewelry on and off for several years now, originally my jewelry work focused on wire work and resin. As some of you may know, I expanded my jewelry line to include sterling silver and precious metal pieces. Using metalsmithing techniques I saw, stamp, solder and polish each piece by hand. Some of my pieces have gemstones set within them, others are different creations using sterling and other precious metals.

I have decided to focus my time on metalsmithing, and will no longer be making many pieces from my Everday Collection. I am offering a sale on many older pieces, so be sure to stop by one of my shows for some great deals!

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I am currently taking custom orders. I also fix jewelry as well. If you’re interested in a custom piece, or need a repair, please contact me to see if it’s something I’m able to do. Some of the items in my jewelry album are sold but it gives you an idea of what I’ve made and it may be possible to make another of a particular item.





Handmade creations

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