All digital photographic images under http://www.dreamland-photography.com are copyright 2018 Dreamland Photography. Please do not link to any photographs or images. All the photographs on this website are original works of Dreamland Photography. They are licensed and copyright protected by all international copyright laws. Written permission from Dreamland Photography must be obtained for use of any of these photographs. Do not post any of these photographs on any public network, or include them on any widely distributed electronic media. These photographs are not to be used for any commercial, business, or money-making purpose without prior consent from Dreamland Photography. Should any photographs belonging to Dreamland Photography be found misused as described, Dreamland Photography will pursue and enforce copyright laws.

Be aware that some variation of color and contrast between the representative images seen on the site and the actual received photographic print or electronic file is unavoidable given the variables involved, eg: improper calibration of your computer monitor will affect accuracy of color displayed.


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